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LAS/BP & ENG Localization Video Services

Quality & Standards ready for Open TV, Cable, VOD or Streaming

For the last 18 years we have been working for our clients in a complete range of services including: LAS DUBBING, LAS SUBTITLING & BP SUBTITLING that fits perfectly with broadcast quality standards and specific technical regulations. AUTHORING FOR DVD, BLURAY & DCP to replicate and distribute your content physically in the traditional markets and COMPRESSION of your videos so you can deliver content to any digital plataform and/or device.

This is our thrid year in the American LAS/BP/EN localization market and we are bringing authentic fresh Latin Voices to the dubbing and LAS/BP/EN captions market in the USA and that's because our team of translators and voice actors actually live their lives 100% in South America and America so this is as real as you can get.

Clients like Cinepolis KLIC, GUSSI, Distrimax Inc, ZIMA, ONSCREEN, DLA, The Asylum are satisfied with our services. Look into our demos so you can see great titles sucesfully localizated for the huge and always expanding Latinamerican market.

Latin Voice Inc office is in 660 Stanton Dr. Weston. Florida. USA. 33326. Phone: 954.608.5968. English and Spanish are spoken.

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