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DVD, Bluray & DCP Authoring

DVD & Bluray

Thousands DVD's and Bluray's discs authored by us are in the market. Our close collaboration with the best home entertainment distributors for Latin America has improved our work day by day. We produce DVD's and Bluray's discs for massive replication. Menu designs are animated for your DVD and a main menu video is edited for your Bluray. A fair price that include all the features you can add to your product.


Our long-standing professional relationship with the main replication companies (like SONY and Technicolor) and the many collaborations we have had with them means a risk free product for replication.


Directly from your original DCP, digital media assets like .mov or avi or even from a Bluray we can deliver a new DCP with or without KDMs with new subtitling files and/or new dubbing tracks.

From your DCP we can also extract the video in RGB color space to use with most video products like Bluray or VOD.

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