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English, LAS & BP Subtitling;
LAS & English Closed Captions

Quality & Standards ready for Open TV, Cable, VOD or Streaming

Services & Languages

Translation with or without script, transcription, timing, reformating and proofreading to create clean subtitle files accurately synchronized to your videos. We translate from English, Brazilian Portuguese (BP), French and Italian into neutral Latin American Spanish (LAS), BP and/or American English.
LAS and English captions with fast turn around because everything is done in house. For LAS Closed Captions you get from us 100% native Latin American captioners, so you have fast delivery and precision. Roll-up style, Pop-on style (centered and/or timed & placed).


We work with professional subtitling tools to deliver professional file formats like STL-EBU, .sub from Softni, .STL DVDSP, STL Spruce, .SRT, DFXP, DCI xml, FCP7 xml among others. Formats for closed captions CAP, TDS, ULT, EBU-STL, SCC, MCC, etc. We can even deliver a custom text format of your choice because we develop some of our tools.


Our Compression and Authoring services can provide you with the synchronized layback in any digital format like MFX, PRORES or AVI, DVD, Bluray and DCP (we don't use videotape anymore).


Our subtitling services are seen in the main Streaming Services (like Netflix), TV Broadcasters (SYFY) and Cable Companies (DLA) in USA and all over Latin America with the main Home Entertainment Companies.

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